All of these workshops are developed and taught with the understanding that the student has had enough experience using a sewing machine to be very comfortable at the sewing machine or serger. Also, their sewing machine or serger must be in good running order and they must know their machine well enough to make the required adjustments needed for the various techniques.

Free Motion Machine Embroidery (FMME) - Built-In Stitch Embroidery - Quilting -  Dyeing  - Techniques - Serger -  Wearable Art

Free Motion Machine Embroidery (FMME):

Basic - advanced - Lace - Tread Fabric - Fiber reconstruction - Snippets - Landscaping - Fabric Christmas Ornaments

Basic Free Motion Machine Embroidery

--for beginners

-- learn the basic techniques of FMME on your own sewing machine


Advanced  Free Motion Machine Embroidery

-- for those who have already dabbled around with FMME and what to see what all can be attempted. Examples: Seed beads, Shi Sha mirrors, wire work, Battenburg lace.



-- for beginners and advanced FMME artists

-- create beautiful delicate lace easily on your sewing machine

Thread Fabric

-- for beginners and advanced FMME artists

-- create scenes and pictures in the fabric you make on your sewing machine with only the thread of your sewing machine

Fiber reconstruction

-- for beginners and advanced FMME artists

-- create new pieces of fabric from your smallest pieces of cutter's waste and threads and fibres, all held together with the embellishing stitches of your sewing machine.


-- for beginners and advanced FMME artists

-- turn your cutter's waste into 3-D landscapes and pictures using your sewing machine


-- for beginners and advanced FMME artists

-- turn your cutter's waste into 3-D landscapes and pictures using your sewing machine

Fabric Christmas Ornaments

 -- This is a one day workshop using the circle attachment. Several ornaments will be made. Samples available. 4 hours.

Built-In Stitch Embroidery:

Stained Glass - Taper Stitch - Embellished Water Colour - Applique - Flowers from your garden  -  Clear Vinyl Gadget Case  - Antique Lace

Stained Glass

-- for the beginner and advanced fiber artist

-- Using the zigzag stitch on any regular sewing machine create beautiful stained glass pictures without the frustration of bias strips. This technique that I have developed also uses a variation of paper piecing that eliminates the use of small pattern pieces making this style of quilt top piecing very simple and quick. It can be applied to any stained glass pattern with straight or curved pieces in the pattern.

Taper Stitch

-- for the beginner and advanced fiber artist

- using only the satin stitch on your sewing machine create beautiful solid embroidered images.

Embellished Water Colour

-- for beginners and advanced fiber artists

-- add an extra touch of beauty to your water colour quilt pieces with the addition of built-in embroidery stitches.


-- beginner and advanced

-- explore some of the many ways to applique using the sewing machine.

Flowers from your garden

-- Created With Your Built-In Stitches. This is a collection of quilt blocks of garden flowers created with the use of the built-in stitches on the sewing machine. Because everyone has different stitches on their own sewing machine samples will show several different ways to achieve a similar looking flower even using just zig zag and straight stitch if need be. I don't know how long you want to run a class like this so we could do 2 flowers each month for six months or one flower each month for a year. Brief explanations will be given on how to put the quilt together too but the emphasis will be on the embroidery of the flowers. The flowers will be named too. I have several blocks on hand and several out but to be picked up. I also would like the freedom of adding new ones before the end of the class so that there is a bit of mystery to the project. I had in mind 12 blocks as this is an easy number to divide up in several ways both for time and for placement of a quilt top. 6 3-hour classes or 10 - 12 2-hour classes.

Clear Vinyl Gadget Case

-- This class shows the use of the Teflon foot. It is a cute and yet practical case that can be used for makeup, sewing tools, or pencils. It's is made by stitching two layers of clear vinyl together with bits of thread or other treasures between the layers making the case attractive and yet see through. Then Embroidery is stitched over it for ore decoration and also to shape and hold it together. This class is even fun for new sewers and children. 4 hours.

Antique Lace


Machine Quilting - Quilt Binding - Strip pieced Landscapes - Trapunto by Machine - Hawaiian Quilting - Ethnic Block of the month - Book covers - Strip Piecing -  Recycled Circles - Crazy Patchwork

Quilt  as you go: Log cabin

Machine Quilting

-- beginner and advanced

-- Learn up to 12 different types of quilting by machine - including: outline, stipple, echo, continuous line, and trapunto.

Quilt Binding

-- beginner and advanced

-- Learn how to bind your quilts quickly yet beautifully by machine, straight binding, scallops, prairie point,bias, framed, etc.

Strip pieced Landscapes

-- beginner and advanced

-- With the rotary cutter, hand dyed fabrics and your sewing machine create beautiful landscapes to be used as is or to further develop with applique or embroidery or quilting.

Trapunto by Machine

-- beginner and advanced

-- Using your sewing machine and water soluble thread you can now create beautiful padded trapunto quilted items as quickly as you can sew on the sewing machine.

Hawaiian Quilting

-- This is a contemporary take on the old classic of Hawaiian Quilting. It will be stitched on the machine (no hand reverse applique). It is a series of blocks of different designs worked with different colours of fabric. Then they are put together to create a quilt of a Hawaiian Beach Scene of different colours rather than the one colour with muslin single motif that is the typical Hawaiian Quilt. I have these patterns finished and worked but the completed quilt has to be put together. This is a Quilt-As-You-Go quilt. It is very bright and it uses my fabrics. 6 2-hour classes.

 Ethnic Block of the month 

-- Quilting has evolved in many different ways around the world. This quilt shows off some of the very different styles of quilting. This will be a contemporary collection of styles in that they will be worked on the sewing machine although they evolved in hand stitched tradition. This class has 9 blocks that can be used for a wall hanging, a bed quilt if borders are added or as individual pieces such as pillows, pictures etc. 9 2-hour classes or 6 3-hour classes.

Book covers

-- This class shows you have to make beautiful hard yet padded fabric book covers for what ever size of book you wish to make. These are ideal for journals, photo albums, scrap books, etc. These are not covers for books but actual book covers. The pages can be as simple as regular lined loose leaf or as exotic as fabric or hand made paper pages. This class focuses on how to make the cover not the pages. How to attach the pages will be covered. These covers are flexible and long lasting. Great fun and an excellent idea for a special Christmas present especially for that someone who has everything. 2 2-hour classes

 Strip Piecing

-- This class introduces sewers to two very simple uses of strip piecing. The resulting quilt top is bright and striking but easy to make. It consists of two different blocks. One is a checkerboard of random bright colours and a one other colour, the other is a box within a box within a box all made from strips. Again of the same colours used in the checkerboard one. The sample of this one will be made after tonight as I have to have some bright fabric. 4 2-hour classes

 Recycled Circles

-- Circles are very wasteful of fabric. This characteristic of theirs got me to thinking as to how to have lots of circles with the least waste of fabric. I think this is a good use of circles. It makes use of the fabric that is cut out from behind and applique and produces circles all over the place with almost no waste. Also, because the circles are in slightly decreasing sizes each time they are used, all kinds of neat geometric illusions can be created. This is a very fun technique. The first sample is ready in black and white, very striking. The bright coloured sample will be ready in a couple of days as soon as I get some bright fabric home. This technique is quite fast even though you are working with circles. The first stage of this technique can been started off with the circle attachment. The class sample will be 44" x 50" but instructions will be included for how to make it larger. 2 2-hour classes

Crazy Patchwork


More Examples:

  Log Cabin Q-A-U-G 

-- This is a very simple log cabin pattern. It will be aimed at a beginner quilter or advanced if they want to learn log cabin or a quilt-as-you-go technique that can be applies to any quilt pattern that is made up of blocks.. The kit is based on the fabric packages I have. I have a log cabin quilt but not made out of my own fabrics yet. 4 2-hour classes


Fabric Dyeing

Fabric Dyeing

-- Learn my unique method of fabric dyeing, quick, easy and not too messy.


Yo-Yos on your sewing machine - Embellished colour wash - Tape Lace - Ribbon seamless piecing - Fun with cheese cloth -  Sampler

Yo-Yos on your sewing machine  

-- This class will show a machine approach to the classic Yo-Yo technique. How to mark, how to gather, how to join, how to use. I have my silk vest for now to show what Yo-Yos are but we will work with Hand Dyed cotton. 4 hours.

Embellished colour wash 

-- This class will show a very simple version of colour wash with emphasis on the embroidery embellishment of the colour wash piece. This is for both free motion work and built-in stitches. The class will have the choice of working with a light back ground of fabric or a dark back ground of fabric. They will also choose to make either a square or strip of colour wash piecing which they will then embellish with embroidery. My blue vest can be used for a sample for now. a Light background sample is in progress. 4 2-hour classes.

More Examples:

Tape Lace

-- This class will focus on how to create any design you wish using "tape" and then filling in with thread stitches made by your sewing machine. This technique can be worked with either free motion or machine guided stitching; which ever the student is comfortable with although it is much quicker with free motion. The students will be given several designs to choose from and work in the class. They will end up with a piece of lacework that they can use in what ever way they choose but I will have examples of ways to use it in various items. 4 hours

Ribbon seemless piecing

--This is the technique that I used to make the ribbon pillows. I have had several people ask about that technique so maybe we could run it again. 4 hours

Fun with cheese cloth  

-- This class will cover four different ways of using cheese cloth in fiber are applique (goldfish fins), texture (melon skins), shading (colour changes in leaves and flowers and shadows on forest floor), and lace (cheese cloth with controlled distortion and holds). One technique will be covered each class with samples of that technique included in finished items. 4 2-hour classes




Cathedral Window - Log Cabin - Stained Glass

Cathedral Window

-- Love the Cathedral Window quilt pattern but can't take the time to do all those fussy little squares and turn their bias edges. Get the same beautiful effect quickly using your serger. And it's quick and easy.

Log Cabin

-- Create the Log Cabin on your serger. It's quick and easy. The piecing and quilting is all done at the same time.

Stained Glass

-- Like the Stained Glass quilt effect? Create it on your serger. The Leaded line, piecing and quilting is all done at the same time.

Wearable Arts:

Beautiful Bog Coats

Beautiful Bog Coats

-- This class will explain a bog coat, how to measure for one, how to adjust it to your body requirements and how to add flair to it. Explanation will be given towards how to work with a fabric that is not quite big enough, how to add pockets or a hood or a belt or cuffs. Then a lining will be made to fit the coat. How to embellish the fabric. Where will the embellishment end up on the coat? Etc. I have my Bog Coat available for you and a couple on the way. 8 2-hour classes